The environment that you work in contributes heavily to how you and your team perform, and the culture that you create. With business owners and architects moving away from the more traditional office styles, interior trends are playing a big part in modern office design, in order to help employees feel inspired, valued and productive.

Read on to discover how you can incorporate some of our favourite design trends in your space.

Minimalist Spaces

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Many businesses are opting for a more modern style in their workspace moving away from traditional cubicle style layouts to more open-plan designs in order to encourage employee collaboration.

You can create the minimalist look in your space by introducing simple pieces of furniture such as trestle style desks which allow you to see more of the space, and sticking to neutral colours such as light grey, taupe or white to increase the illusion of space in your office.

The minimalist look can be enhanced with pops of bright colour in order to add personality. Think bright desk accessories, chairs and textiles in brand colours for a really visually interesting space. 

Pair your minimal look with a cool-toned floor, such as Tip Toe or Fern from the Landscape Wildwood Collection to enhance the style throughout your space.

Modern Industrial 

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Refurbishment of old buildings allow designers to embrace original features and materials such as exposed ductwork, steel, wood and iron, and the modern industrial trend is still extremely popular. 

Many buildings of this style will have a large quantity of exposed brickwork, which is great for showcasing the history of the building, as well as providing a great backdrop for any photos and videos. Pair exposed brickwork with reclaimed wood pieces, such as desks and cupboards, in order to enhance the style, and for added detail, incorporate small pops of polished metallics such as light fixtures and desk chairs which are great for adding a modern look and reflecting light to help your space look bigger.

Add to the industrial look by choosing darker and moodier flooring such as Borough from the Aspect Urban Collection. You could even mix the planks with a lighter colourway such as Lane or Terrance option from the same collection, for a more ‘reclaimed’ look.

Classic Country 

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The classic country style is another timeless trend for office design since it can be adapted to suit any location, workplace culture or colour scheme. With more and more office spaces popping up in converted barns, farmhouses and country estates - the Classic Country look is perfect for complementing your surroundings. 

Recreate the country look in your office space by introducing lighter, more neutral colours and pair with rustic, wooden furniture to enhance the look. 

Pair your furniture with a cool-toned, detailed wood effect floor in order to continue the style throughout the foundations of your space, such as Espresso from the Aspect Urban Collection. Alternatively, contrast the light and airy style with a deeper colour, such as Conker from the Landscape Wildwood Collection.

Contrast the use of wood with softer textures throughout your space, by incorporating curtains or blinds, throws and cushions to help your office space look more balanced. Try mixing textures such as wool, faux fur and silks for a visually engaging space. You can also add to the style further by ‘bringing the outside in’, with the introduction of plant life in your space, desk or potted plants like succulents and sweetheart plants are typically easy to look after and can have a positive effect on the overall look and feel of the space. 

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Whatever design scheme you opt for, we have a range of flooring solutions to suit, including our SPC rigid click which is perfect for quick and easy installations. It comes with sound reduction capabilities and a built-in underlay, meaning you spend less time and money installing the product. 

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Are you planning an inspiring office space, or looking to bring your current space back to life? Take a look at our stunning LVT collections for yourself here, or head over to our Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for interior design tips and inspiration.

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