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What other items will I need in addition to my new luxury vinyl flooring?

In addition to the flooring, you will need accessory items to fit, finish and care for your new Luxury Vinyl floor.

In the doorways you will need:
Door bars - these are necessary to bridge the gap between two floor coverings in different rooms. 

If you have a radiator in the room:
Pipe Roses - these are necessary to cover any expansion gaps around the radiator pipes that go into the floor. 

For the feet of all furniture in the room:
Floor protectors - a variety of felt pads are available to protect your new floor from the movement of furniture.

Once your floor is installed, you will need to maintain it looking good:
Cleaning items - are available at the time of purchase to ensure you are able to maintain your floor as the manufacturer recommends, it is vital that you use the correct cleaning agents to avoid damage to your beautiful new floor.


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