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Parquet Flooring is made up of small, individual planks which are positioned into patterns - usually herringbone, to create beautiful intricate details. Throughout the 20th century, this type of patterned flooring was popular - especially in lavish buildings such as palaces. 

Although parquet flooring is synonymous with luxury interiors, it’s now being incorporated into everyday home decor. It’s guaranteed to introduce character into your home with it featuring plenty of natural variation and grain detailing. This type of flooring was born and perfected in the grandest of settings, so it’ll allow you to bring a touch of elegance to your interior. 

The great thing about parquet in designflooring is that whilst evoking a traditional look and feel, it is also highly durable - great for high traffic areas of your home. It can also be laid in a number of patterns such as herringbone, block, diagonal block and brick along with coming in a variety of colours. It’s also important to mention that Distinctive parquets have matching planks to allow for a continuation of colours to be used whilst changing the design of the floor.

From light airy open plan working spaces to dark intimate rooms for relaxation, here are two parquet choices which will be sure to set off your interior decor choices. These deep and rich flooring choices are a great way to add a lavish - yet sophisticated elegance to your home.

Landscape Parquet: Conker

Landscape Parquet: Treehouse

A Modern Twist on Parquet Flooring

With parquet becoming more accessible to home-owners, it’s being used in a variety of ways, in both modern and traditional spaces to add visual interest and luxury. To incorporate this striking flooring into a modern home, you’ll want to make it feel more current to ensure cohesion throughout your space. We’ve collated some quick and easy ways to keep your parquet in keeping with a contemporary design scheme. 

Bold colours

Colour schemes, featuring bold colour choices on walls and furniture, are becoming more popular than ever. There's something alluring about a room that's bursting with beautiful bold colour. From a striking blue living room wall (see Pantone’s colour of the year, ‘Classic Blue’), to opulent emerald hues (see Farrow and Ball’s colour of the year, ‘Adeline’) colourful spaces are a great way to accessorise your flooring.

Landscape Parquet - Laurel

If you aren’t ready to cover an entire wall in bold colour, you can introduce colour in many other ways, such as incorporating colourful furniture to your home. 

A pop of peacock or royal blue in the form of a chair, or even through the incorporation of a few scatter cushions,  is a great way of experimenting with colour without having to commit to an entire room. It’s really important not to over-do the interior with bold colours - you need to find the right balance - too many bold colours will spoil the focus of the room and take away from its beauty.

Minimalist Interior

Flooring plays a major role in setting the atmosphere of a room. The wrong choice can throw off the look and feel you were hoping to achieve, while the right one will bring the interior together, that what makes minimalism so appealing - allowing you to really showcase your flooring choice perfectly.  Too many furnishings and decor elements can also make the room appear clumsy and cluttered rather than stylish and chic, so choose your key pieces wisely. 

Landscape Parquet - Hawthorn

Warm wood tones make your space feel very welcoming and soften the look of modern furniture. When coupled with minimal schemes, it creates a striking contrast and enthuses time-honoured sophistication.

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Choosing a darker toned parquet floor can be an excellent way to complement your minimalist interior, for a dynamic and eye-catching feel. The minimalism will not take attention away from the beautiful flooring. Pair your moody flooring with light, cream walls and skirting for a sophisticated, and airy, intricately balanced interior whilst maintaining a dramatic look and feel.

Image: Pinterest

To really make the most of this minimalistic look you’ll need to de-clutter your home, removing things you haven't used in ages or things that don’t serve a purpose. Then to maintain this minimalistic design in your home you’ll need to live by the one in, one out philosophy to avoid buying extra pieces unnecessarily. When you transform your home, you might find that you no longer have places to store everyday items, so it’s a great idea to invest in stylish storage pieces such as dressers or console units to help with this. Purchasing beautiful storage allows for chaos to live hidden away out of sight whilst allowing your home to remain chic on the outside. 

Are you thinking of changing your flooring? Our Parquet flooring comes in a range of 6 colours ensuring there is something to inspire every home renovation journey. 

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