A laying pattern is the way in which you choose to arrange your planks or tiles on your floor. By exploring different laying patterns, you can create the illusion of more space and make your flooring the focal point in your space.

You can also mix products, to create even more interesting spaces. Read on to discover some of our favourite patterns!

Keep it simple and straight lay

Many rooms up and down the country have their design flooring laid in the standard linear pattern, traditionally in the direction of a room’s light source. Straight laid planks in straight lines across a space provide a classic and elegant look and are quick and easy to lay.

Great for every room in the house, straight lay can be styled to match any theme. Simple furniture pieces work great with straight lay, keeping the focus on your chosen decor.

Be beautiful with brick lay

A brick lay pattern is a great way to bring an elegant look to your floor, and can be laid straight, or on the diagonal for something a little bit different. Easy to lay, the brick pattern is a quick way to add more visual interest to your space.

Create a clean and modern look to your space by adding metallic pieces and accessories to contrast your flooring choice.


Picture perfect parquet

Create sophistication and elegance with parquet products, by opting for a classic herringbone style. This style gives the space visual direction by guiding the eye to a particular point. If you’re looking for a real show-stopping floor, try mixing a couple of different parquet colours in your design…

Perfect paired with subtle colours such as on-trend pale grey or blue for a calm and serene space. Alternatively, mix with accent pieces and bold colours to bring more character to a room.


Brave a basket weave

Parquet products can also be used in basket weave to create visual interest in any space. this one is trickier to lay, based on the smaller tile sizes and more intricate design but it definitely makes a strong impact! A single colour floor creates a traditional feel, however for something more dramatic, look to introduce a second (and third) colour!

Enhance the traditional look of your basket weave by including vintage styled furniture throughout your space such as dressers, or juxtapose it with modern metallics and minimalist style.

Rustic random planks

Combining mixed length planks is an interesting way to help make your floor the focal point of a space. It’s a great way to add a rustic feel to a room, and is complemented well with country inspired furniture and decor.  

Add to the rustic styling of your space with reclaimed furniture pieces such as tables and chairs. You can brighten your space with soft furnishings and white accents throughout to add light and make the room appear larger.

Are you ready to explore some new laying patterns to bring visual interest to your upcoming projects? Discover our range of collections here, or head to our TwitterFacebook and Instagram for some design inspiration.

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