Whether you’ve enjoyed the benefits of luxury vinyl flooring in the past, or are delving into it for the very first time; you might not be too familiar with all of the terms used within the industry. When it comes to describing products, detailing installation and navigating maintenance, there are some specialist words and acronyms that can crop up along the way. 

Distinctive Flooring Landscape Parquet in Crows Nest

You might have a great idea of the look you want to achieve, but when considering an LVT floor in your home or workplace, there’s more than meets the eye. 

Want to know a little more about the lingo of the LVT world? Let’s start from the bottom:


Your subfloor is simply the floor that your vinyl flooring will be installed on top of. It can be concrete, wood, ceramic or even existing vinyl. Despite the variation in types of subfloor that are suitable - there are certain conditions that must be adhered to.

Moisture levels must be tested, and the reading should fall below the required level for your chosen LVT product. If too much moisture is trapped between your subfloor and your LVT planks, that will cause problems for you later down the line.

A subfloor should also be totally level - whether that means sanding down high spots or using a levelling compound to raise up any low spots. Your luxury vinyl floor will look at its best on a level setting so make sure that any adjoining sections or imperfections are set right to give you the best possible base.

Preparing your subfloor is a vital part of the installation process, which is why your qualified fitter assesses its current state and if necessary, works up a plan to bring it up to scratch.


SPC Vinyl Flooring stands for stone polymer compound vinyl flooring. Its name gives reference to the fact that its core is composed from natural stone and plastic components to produce a strong, durable base. Our SPC Click range is suitable for many installations. It comes with a 0.7mm wear layer, making it highly durable and great for high traffic areas, offering true longevity. Not only that but the range is also waterproof and ideal for south facing rooms, and it comes with a lifetime residential warranty for your peace of mind.

Rigid Core

Rigid core flooring can be used as another way to describe SPC flooring products - those with a little added stability. The ‘rigid’ base of these planks make them noticeably more hardwearing than a wooden-backed vinyl plank. Meaning they are well-equipped to withstand the challenges of high-traffic areas and continue to look great when cared for correctly.

Despite being described as ‘rigid’ - many rigid core products do have a little flexibility, helping them to achieve that soft-underfoot feeling and all of the benefits that come with choosing LVT over traditional hardwood or laminate.

SPC Click - Distinctive Flooring Heartridge Collection in Coppice

Gluedown or Easy-fit click

Gluedown flooring products require an adhesive layer to keep them in place. A gluedown collection can offer plenty of variation when it comes to laying patterns and design features and is held firmly where it should be with a quality bonding aid. This can also be referred to as ‘dry back’, ‘stick down’ or ‘plank’ flooring options. 

Whether you’re after a traditional parquet look or a stylish stone finish, your gluedown flooring should be professionally fitted and given the appropriate setting time to achieve the best possible finish.

In contrast to gluedown styles, easy-fit click flooring can be installed without the need for a bonding agent or adhesive. This floating floor style is held together using a smart click method that leaves you with a level finish that’s ready to withstand the everyday challenges of residential or commercial floor spaces.


 Distinctive Flooring Landscape Parquet in Crows Nest

Wear Layer

The wear layer of a vinyl plank is the very top layer of the product. It gives protection from scratches and stains and is rated in terms of its thickness. It is usually a clear coating that doesn’t disrupt the pattern of the plank or tile, despite its vital function.

When looking at wear layers, you need to consider how your floor will be used. For families with children and pets, protecting your floor from accidental damage is an important concern. Your wear layer will work hard to minimise the impact of any slip-ups as well as making cleaning and maintenance slightly easier. If you’re looking for that extra peace of mind, look for upwards of 3mm to give you heavy duty cover. Our Distinctive ranges come with a wear layer of 0.55 and above - so there is no need to worry!

Bevel & Embossing

If a vinyl plank has a bevelled edge, this means it is slightly sloped at the edges. This subtle shape variation can give a more natural look and can also make the flooring slightly easier to install. A bevelled edge may be very slight to the naked eye, but can certainly make a difference when everything is in place.

Another design feature term that you may come across is embossing. An embossed flooring plank is one that has been given a textured top layer to enhance its overall look. 

When a product is embossed in register, it is given a uniquely textured feel to replicate the pattern of the plank - giving it the most authentic finish. So if you’re inspired by natural wood or stone, look for the embossed detail that will help to bring your LVT look to life. Our LVT ranges are registered in emboss for a natural and authentic-looking texture.

Now that you know the basics…

There’s no stopping you from seeking out and enjoying a beautiful luxury vinyl floor that perfectly suits your home or working space. If you still want to know more about the LVT choices out there, check out the features and benefits of our naturally inspired collections at Distinctive Flooring or find your local retailer to talk through practical choices and fitting.

Whether you’re after a thick, durable wear layer for heavy traffic areas, or an easy-fit click floor for a stunning, yet speedy makeover. Be confident in your newfound LVT knowledge and enjoy your beautiful luxury vinyl floor.

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