As the year starts to draw to an end and we begin to prepare for the colder months, spring pastels and summer brights begin to deepen to richer and warmer tones to reflect the cosy vibe and relaxed ambience of the autumn/winter season. 

One of the most exciting trends we’ve seen as we head into the colder months presented itself beautifully at The Flooring Show in Harrogate; ‘The Traveller’. Showcasing understated glamour and inspired by the Art Deco era, The Traveller encompasses opulent fabrics, warm hues and luxurious materials to create an accessible yet lavish look. 

The Traveller trend is one that we're starting to see influence a range of interior projects, from commercial to domestic, so we've collated some simple tips to help you get the look in your next project.

Rich Fabrics

If you're on the search for an easy way to introduce the Traveller trend into your space, mixing opulent fabrics like crushed velvet and satin is a great start. As well as being an easy addition, it’s also cost-effective, allowing you to change up your look based on seasonality and trends. If you’re just looking for a subtle nod to the trend, a couple of cushions will do the job, but if you’re looking to go all-out ‘Traveller’, mix up your fabrics with rugs, curtains, throws and cushions. 

Look for deep colours like burnt orange, mustard, navy or emerald and pair them with brushed and polished metallics for diversity and to add visual interest. 

Warm Flooring

Create a sense of warmth throughout your space with a rich-toned flooring option. Not only will it bring an instant sense of cosiness to your space, but it will also pair beautifully with the colours and fabrics of the Traveller trend, to further enhance the luxurious feel.

Take a look at our Suburb plank from the Aspect Urban collection for a multi-tonal, deep walnut colour, which will instantly make a space feel snug.  Or for a more understated variation, the Conker plank from the Landscape Wildwood collection would make a great alternative  All of our flooring can be used alongside underfloor heating, allowing you to achieve physical warmth as well as visual.

Suburb, Urban Collection

Conker, Wildwood Collection

These warmer tones could also be implemented through furniture options like sideboards and coffee tables or even through smaller pieces like mirrors or photo frames, to really enhance the trend.

Bold Prints 

With Art Deco playing a big part in the Traveller trend, intricate details are key to completing the look. Look for bold prints and metallic detailing. We love the look of a feature wall utilising a simple geometric pattern, to bring a sense of glamour to your space.

If you’re not brave enough for showstopping statement prints and bold pattern, you can still incorporate this element of the trend through ornamental pieces, from table runners to light fittings. 

Image Source: Pinterest

Natural Materials

Accentuate the look further by bringing nature into your space. A really nice way of achieving this is through opulent materials such as marble. Proving popular in interiors in recent years, marble is readily available - and can suit all budgets, so is an easy way to compliment the trend.  

Dark marbles are particularly well-aligned with The Traveller trend, so look to incorporate accents throughout your space with accessories such as vases and coasters. Draw the attention to your pieces by looking for coloured marble - emerald works really well in this art deco inspired trend, but rich purples and blues work equally well too. 

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

Offering a multi-tonal, textured look, in subtle accent pieces throughout your space will help you to bring the trend together, creating a polished cohesiveness. 

The Traveller trend is a firm favourite for us this Autumn, and we can’t wait to start seeing it in more of your projects.

Ready to incorporate the Traveller into your space? Discover your favourite flooring option from our range of collections here and don’t forget to share your photos with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

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