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  • Whats the best way to look after my floor?

    All Distinctive Flooring has a protective surface known as a wear layer, this helps protect the floor from scuffs and scratches, and any other routine wear and tear.

    To keep your floor looking as good as the day it was installed, we recommend the following:

    - Place protective non-rubber backed mats by entrance doors to avoid the transfer of dirt and grit when coming into the house.

    - Avoid dragging or sliding furniture across the floor. Place felt protective pads on furniture legs and get protective castors for heavy items of furniture. If you need to move these items, we recommend putting cardboard over the top of the floor before doing so.

    - Mop up any spills as soon as possible to prevent stains. Avoid using regular household cleaners and bleach-based cleaning detergents. Use a pH neutral cleaner and stick to the manufacture’s guidelines on the amount to use. It’s very easy to pop an extra squirt in, but this can actually build up residue on your floor causing it to look dull after cleaning.

  • How soon after the floor being fitted can it be cleaned?

    We recommend leaving the floor 24 hours before it is cleaned or washed.

  • How do I clean my floor?

    Regular cleaning with a pH neutral cleaner such as the one found in our Floor Care Kit will help keep your floor at its best. Follow these simple steps for cleaning your floor on a day to day basis:

    1. Remove any loose dirt or dust with a soft brush.

    2. Use a pH neutral cleaning solution in hand temperature water. Make sure you stick to the manufacturers' guides about the correct ratio of cleaning fluid to water.

    3. Simply mop your floor, removing any excess liquid before allowing to dry.

  • Can I use a vacuum?

    You can, but remember to check there are no stones or sharp items stuck in the brush of the vacuum. This can lead to scratches over the floor. Avoid this happening by remembering to check and you’ll be good to go.  

  • Can I use a stream cleaner?

    We do not recommend the use of steam cleaners as the intense heat can damage the planks/tiles or cause adhesives to fail. It’s best to stick to a mop and bucket with hand hot water.


  • What happens if I scratch it?

    Any light scratches can be improved by using a recommended floor care kit, these can be purchased from your local retailer.

  • Why is it important to use a pH neutral Floor Care Cleaning kit?

    Some floor cleaning products can contain chemical agent that can damage the flooring, a pH neutral cleaner will help keep your floor at its best.

  • Is the flooring water resistant?

    Our flooring is water resistant, but there is the possibility of the adhesive softening if the floor is under water for a long period of time, any spills should be cleaned up straight away.

  • Is the flooring pet friendly?

    Distinctive Flooring is a great choice if you have pets as the flooring is very durable, easy to clean and water resistant. Remember to pop a non-rubber backed mat in front of any outside doors to stop any excess dirt coming in from dirty paws.

  • Can I use a matt with my floor?

    Rubber can contain plasticisers that can react with the LVT and discolour your floor. There are lots of companies out there who offer suitable mats and rugs. Speak to your local retailer to see which they recommend.

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